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The 100 Top influencers list  recognizes industry leaders that inspire ownership, innovation and opportunity in the marketplace, the arts, the social sector and public service.
Nominations to the 100 must accompanied with the submission fee of $99.95 and no guarantee is made to the nominee that they will be listed on the 100, however all submissions will be considered and the top 20% of nominees that do not make the 100 List will be considered for our honorable mention category –’s on the Rise.
Submissions must be finalized by March 30th 2016 Selections will be made by April 30th 2016.

Disney: Frozen 2 in the works . . . #Frozen2

When your Job Feels Toxic . . .


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56 Million women unemployed. Does this inspire ownership?

Will this create the next wave of women entrepreneurs? = inspiring ownership